At Blade Editing, we believe in helping authors to make the best stories they can. To help you achieve that, we offer the following levels of editing:

 Structural EditingCopy EditingProof-reading
DescriptionHigh-level, big picture editingLanguage and mid-level editingDetailed, low-level edit
ServicesOverall structureLanguage useSpelling
Plot arcsSentence structureGrammar
Character developmentParagraphingLayout consistency
ContinuityClarityFormatting consistency
Chapter progression

Editing levels can be purchased separately or in packages, as desired. Package options are cheaper, so think about your end goal before you decide which one you want.

ebook Formatting

We also offer an ebook formatting service. This produces a document that is ready to be uploaded to most major ebook self-publishing services (such as Smashwords and Kindle Direct Publishing). It includes:

  • Front matter checking, including copyright statements
  • Back matter checking
  • Table of contents creation and linking
  • Styles, layout, and formatting

We will provide the file in epub, .docx, or Pages format, as requested.

Note: front and back matter content is to be provided by the author. We are happy to provide advice and check to make sure everything is present and correct.


To get an idea of price, email us for a quote. Let us know what services you require, the genre and length of your story, and any time limits we should be aware of. If you would like a sample edit, please send us a sample of your manuscript and we’ll be happy to give you an idea of how we work.